What makes people successful

Hello you loved ones, I often wonder what makes people successful? What is it that makes them so special? What makes them succeed? I will now tell you the story of the lamps in the garden. We all use to live times when things are not very clear. We all seek sometimes, the way to […]

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Letter to Yourself, Leader of Your Life

Hello Dear Friends, I add this one for you beautiful and kind human to read it whenever you feel like you can increase your level of energy. Read it when you want to praise yourself, when you want to imagine your self after achieving something. Read it whenever you feel like… Enjoy, Ioan I start […]

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Welcome to the World of Empowerment

Hello dear Friends, How would you like a way, in which, anything is possible? How would that make you? Yes, I am talking to You, the ones willing to make a difference for YOU, willing to make a difference in YOUR life, in the immediate places around you and hence in the World. YOU got […]

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