Turn Your Thoughts Into Something Meaningful for You

Hello again beautiful world,

How would you like a way, to turn your thoughts into something meaningful? Something that you can touch or feel or see or hear in your outside world. Would that be of any value to you?

I  tell you how I believe that our thoughts can bring something productive and meaningful to us along with the peace of mind. Peace of mind is useful because that helps us sleep and rest, that precedes the aha moments, the moments of creativity, revelations, innovation. Because with peace of mind we can than be focused at something in our action that helps us get to an outcome.

Life is different when you start things with the outcome into your mind. That means you know where you are heading and your energy is fully used to create something. Totally opposite is to have clear thoughts without putting them into action, because action is the only means to turn your visions into reality.

Please let me tell you a short story. I recall listening some Richard Bandler materials and interviews. What I remember is that we people walk on the street and see coins of money on the sidewalk. Suddenly the Richard Bandler’s Story character sees someone staring at a coin laying on the sidewalk. He then bends over and picks up the coin. The other person looks at him and says: I saw it first! The other one says, yes and I picked it up first!

To me that it is like to have a great idea and not do anything about it, It is like you know that your freedom is at one action away and you not do anything about it, it is like you love someone and not tell her/him about your feelings (I love you Daniela!!! :)), it is like you want to express your self and do not tell anything, to anyone, it is like you are a coach, someone wants you to listen to her/him and you are keen to tell her/him your opinion, it is like someone wants to buy your stuff and you have plenty of merchandise and you are not selling it, it is like one needs a smile and you are not giving it, it is like a blossomed flower in the hot sun that needs a drop of water and you contemplate it and enjoy her beauty with a bottle of water in your hand without watering her with a single drop, it is like you wake up in a beautiful morning and you are not full of gratitude to the Universe.

What are the opportunities you can turn into your favor, now? What is the first step that would lead you to turn your dream into reality?

Another thing that I have learned from Richard Bandler is that „The definition of intelligence is belief that we can all  do better”.

I believe that we can all do better. What is the first single action that would make your life better?

Now, that you know what is the next step, ACT right now!

Blessings and Gratitude for you beautiful kind human being and for this Abundant Universe.

Ioan Nicut

Îi ajutăm pe oamenii care au deja succes profesional să se bucure și în relațiile lor personale. Mai repede și mai ușor decât s-ar aștepta.

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