This work is devoted to alleviating human suffering for those who want to. It’s dedicated to those who want the revelation and honoring of the Truth. And for those who want to return to the non-linearity of God.

A principle about Truth is to assume no actual reliable knowledge of anything at all. Don’t turn what one perceives to know into beliefs, new programs. Ask God to reveal its meaning.

The Buddha stated that the source of suffering is a consequence of one’s attachments and aversions.

An attachment is about holding to something because of the associated gratification of the self. An aversion is a repulsion towards something with the motives of personal gain.

It is a paradox that a mechanism, personal gain, and gratification, that is perceived to allow one to evolve through life times may hinder one in one’s spiritual aspirations. And that may be because one evolves by the Grace of the Lord and not by one’s personal will and effort.

Ways of dealing with Emotions

One could repress or suppress, express, and escape feelings.

As one experiences the world through different contexts, feelings may arise in relation to the events. Repression takes place unconsciously whereas suppression happens consciously as a way to avoid the discomfort of experiencing them in the contexts they arise. Sometimes there is so much guilt and fear over those feelings that they are not even felt at all nor brought into one’s awareness.

Expressing a feeling contra intuitively creates the perception of releasing pressure, to the point that the remaining is repressed back into the unconscious mind. One may verbalize it, talk with a friend about it, vent it in a relationship hoping that this would set boundaries, including acting it out into riots and social fights, political debates.

To escape a feeling is to avoid it by rerouting one’s attention to something else that is manageable such as tv, a show, a drink, calling somebody, working. It is a way of avoiding being conscious of it.

A projection is an unconscious mechanism that may go hand in hand with the mechanism of denial of ownership of the repressed and suppressed feelings through projecting “out there” something based on a limited point of view, positionality held “in here” within the mind.

A positionality may be about unconsciously valuing something based on one’s attachments and aversions.

The flow and one’s current karmic course in the world is a consequence of aligning with a current set of attractors that dominate, order, and set patterns in one’s consciousness. One’s choices, intentions, decisions, actions, motives, attachments, and aversions tend to hold one on the same course unless one chooses/decides something different. To get out of the current flow one must make a decision to let go, to surrender to what is.

If one was using considerable energy to repress and escape the awareness of experiencing the feelings, through the process of surrendering to them one stops using that energy against the stream of life allowing it to flow in its natural nourishing way.

Managing conflicts is about transcending the current level of consciousness.

A handy possibility in this situation is the process of letting go where one surrenders to what one experiences into the moment. As a consequence of letting one recontextualizes the situation where initially ‘was’ a conflict.

In the context of the intention to alleviate suffering, to recontextualize events, and surrender to a higher level of truth one organizes a free weekly group letting go and meditation one-hour sessions.

One is free to participate in any of these sessions even for 5 minutes, come at will, leave at will, guiltlessly and fearlessly.

If you want to participate, join us by registering for this event on zoom.