Lord please help us recognise illusions, temptations and hypocrisy, refuse and surrender them to Thee, be humble and meek, carry our cross and love Thee in all of Thine aspects and beyond, at all times, in all places, for the highest good and Thy Absolute Glory.

Avatars such as our Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha brought over and over teachings that advised about choosing riches of the Father and integrous acts as an alternative to earthly riches and non-integrity of any kind. The Buddha and Lord Krishna shared that any non integrous act may have as a consequence the continuous cycle of rebirth and suffering: Samsara. An alternative to suffering is Salvation brought by our Lord Jesus Christ or Enlightenment as recommended by the Buddha, Krishna and ’those’ who reached it.

On meaning

Significance is not semantic - linear. It is not given by content but rather derives from the context where it emerged, meaning :) it is non-linear. Same content in a different context has another meaning.

In the face of what is perceived as a problem, there is the inclination to use the same thinking that has ‘created’ it. Our Lord Jesus mentions this propensity of thinkingness to be a prisoner to the existing paradigm with the tendency to repeat the same patterns with obviously the same kind of results. More than this, the problem exists only in imagination. It has no Reality in the Creation of the Divine. Hence He invites before acting out any limitations of the current thinking to acknowledge, take responsibility and accept it, reconcile and let go any resentment in the circumstances of the ‘problem’ and after it a shift of paradigm, a miracle, may come out! :)

There is a propensity of the thinking to project meaning that has no reality. One cannot really use thinking to discern truth from falsehood yet there are provided some hints: “Thus by their fruits you will know them”, hence His urge to be humble and not judge and not use ‘judgement’ as a tool of the mind. Another way to discern beyond the appearance of content is through consciousness calibration via muscle testing. To the best of the knowledge of that which observes the writing of this content the only one equipped to distinguish beyond appearance is our Lord Jesus Christ.

A principle is to choose to be Loving and the Truth with no exception more than anything, to choose our Lord Jesus Christ beyond any physicality as The Principle: “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life”1

He also re-appeared as the Compass (consciousness calibration through muscle testing) and the Map of Consciousness. 2

Through using these tools one can navigate the linear world and transcend it trough directly knowing the intrinsic Power of Infinite Unconditional Love and Truth, the Father, subject to karma.

Abstraction Categories

Through thinking, causality is projected ‘out there’. As if there is a this, separated from a that. There is nothing causing anything. Everything manifests as a consequence of what it is. One could just be aware of the unfolding of Creation.

Getting back to causality. Most of the science operates here. Including coaching and therapy. And this is not to put them down. But rather to acknowledge them for the welfare that emerges in Creation through such a paradigm. One could put down out of ignorance Freudian Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis but clinically going through such transformation may reveal the effectiveness of it. Science operates into a paradigm of material-reductionism, meaning that if it cannot be measured it does not exist. Well there is limitation in such a statement because not being able to measure and comprehend something with the means of such paradigm, does not prove that there is no Truth beyond this paradigm. The phenomena is called paradigm blindness.

Paradoxically, unless one has the humility to admit the limitation of the current view, one cannot access a higher Truth.

Coaching, Therapy and Science operate in the linear Newtonian paradigm, where there is a ’this’ separated from the ‘whole’ causing a ’that’, an outcome.

Being under the dominion of such a linear paradigm tends to enable thinking into a pattern of a perpetrator and victim which has the consequence of perpetuating human suffering. Though the lenses of such a dynamic one may perceive oneself either as a victim of circumstances or ‘someone’ or a perpetrator.

The process of Letting Go

This process emerges into another paradigm, non-linear where the ‘measurable’ does not exist anymore, time and space are projections, where the phenomena is just observable. Depending of the context of observation, the simple act of observation with a different intention has the consequence - without being caused - a different process emergence.

Anything that ‘is observed’ is Creation ‘being aware of itself’.3

Enlightenment is that condition where consciousness ‘realizes’ the above Truth.4

In His infinite wisdom our Lord Jesus has chosen His Apostles as ‘human’ archetypes, possibly with the intention to cover all aspects of humanity. ‘Thomas’ is the representative of that propensity of thinking which tends to look at things in a linear fashion, ad litteram. So admitting that one is not physicality, a body that dies, one could surrender Thomas, a limiting linear aspect of Oneness, to the Lord. Similarly if Judas the Iscariot is the propensity of the thinking to choose imaginary benefits instead of the Truth, one could surrender Judas to our Lord Jesus.5

Letting go is not coaching neither therapy nor does it ‘replace’ them or medicine. On one side coaching and therapy and another perceptual side letting go are different abstraction categories. Declaring that letting go is a therapeutical method is analogous with saying that apples and pears are one and the same with a cat. :)

Glory be to Thee oh Lord, most high.

  1. John 14:6 ↩︎

  2. See the Work of Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.↩︎

  3. Please notice the duality of the language and the limitation that comes with it. ↩︎

  4. Please notice the duality of the language where there is a ‘realiser’ that is separated from that which is realised, going through the process of realisation, and the limitation that comes with it. ↩︎

  5. Archetypes are non-linear qualities of of the collective consciousness. If anything is under the dominion of such factor it tends to be structured with a certain pattern. ↩︎