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A higher level of consciousness correlates with a higher level of happiness. It may be the most effective way to solve a conflict, a problem.

One could attain a higher level of consciousness if one goes beyond unconscious emotionality, attachments, and aversions.

Coaching is one of the tools that allow an emergence of a higher consciousness. Sometimes, teaching to relate to a context differently may be useful. Other times, reflection and awareness of individual inner dynamics that may be limiting allow one to move on.

One could choose between ignorance, illusion on one side, and Truth, Love, Peace, and the source of Life itself on the other side.

As a consequence, it’s pretty forward that one’s choice is to:

Be a servant to the Highest Truth.

If something does not work in one’s world, one may consider working at physical, mental, and spiritual levels. In this context, it may be useful to know about this coach:

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If one wants to experience more happiness and decided to let go of what is not serving one’s Life, one could get in contact with this coach.